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Trenton Terror

Dick Gibbs wrote in article that was in the January 1998 issue of Flying Models magazine which included plans and information to make a free flight Trenton Terror. He also included ideas on how to scale the model up so it could be flown as a RC model. I used some of his ideas and scaled his plans up to 150% and made an RC Trenton Terror that has a 58cm (23in) wing span. Here is a summary of the specifics:

Plane characteristics   Radio and motor
Wing span: 58cm (23in)   Component Type Wt (g)
Wing cord: 9cm (3.5in)   Rx SkyHooks&Rigging 4 ch 2.7
Wing loading: 9.7g/sq.dm (3.2oz/sq.ft)   Servos 2 @ WES LS-24 2x2.9
Fuse length: 37cm (14.5in)   ESC Pixie-Lite 1.5
Control: 3 channels (rudder, elevator, throttle)   Battery Pack 4-cell 50mAh NiCd 14.8
Materials: balsa, Reynolds wrap, carbon   Propulsion KP00 and U-80 prop 6.0
Ready to fly weight: 51.1g (1.8oz)     Total wt 30.8

RC Trenton Terror scaled up from free flight plans.
(There are more images of my Trenton Terror in the Photo Gallery.)

Construction details:
I made a few modifications in the construction of my Trenton Terror opposed to what Dick describes in his article. Dick's Trenton Terror is a stick and tissue model, mine has some of the original stick design, but it is covered with crystal green Reynolds instead of tissue. I beefed up my model in a few places and used sheet balsa instead of sticks. I used sheet balsa for most of the front half of the plane where the motor and servo mounts are attached. I also used sheet balsa for both of the tails and control surfaces. The leading and trailing edges of the wing are 1 mm carbon fiber rods instead of stick balsa. I put two 1/8x1/16in balsa spars in the wing, where as Dick's design had one spar. I got rid of the stick that ran from the back of the wing to the front of the vertical tail, this gives the Trenton Terror a little different look.

Note: I just wanted to note that I did not see anything wrong with Dick's article or the plans included with the article. In fact I feel quite the opposite, I chose the Trenton Terror because I liked the info Dick included in his article and because the plans were well drawn. A couple of the modifications were made to strengthen the model for RC, but most were made because that is how I build, I always change things.

Flight characteristics:
The model flies pretty fast compared to my other models and is a bit of a hand full when flying in a gymnasium. I made the wings flat, so one side will stall sometimes in turns, which most likely could be fixed by adding a little washout in the wing. Since the wing is covered with Reynolds I cannot put washout in the wing by twisting it and reshinking the covering. When I get a chance I plan to build new wing and build washout into as it is being built. Flight times are around 3-4 minutes.

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