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The Kolibri was one of the first all carbon Slow Flyers to hit the scene. It is based on Braun Modell Technik's Stubenfliege. The Stubenfliege is an amazingly constructed plane, it is very light and very well put together, it also costs a lot of money, where as the Kolibri, while not quite as nice can be put together with about US$20-$30 worth of materials.

Plane characteristics   Radio and motor
Wing span: 76cm (30in)   Component Type Wt (g)
Wing cord: 23cm (9in)   Rx Alpex APR-4FM 5.7
Wing loading: 5.6g/sq.dm (1.84oz/sq.ft)   Servos 2 @ HS-50 2x5.8
Fuse length: 58cm (23in) (w/o tail)   ESC Pixie-7 1
Control: 3 channels (v-tail and throttle)   Battery Pack 7-cell 50mAh NiCd or  
Materials: carbon and Reynolds Wrap     8-cell 120mAh NiMH 25.9
Ready to fly weight: 98g (3.5oz)   Propulsion DC1717 and ARC-1 prop 24.2
      Total wt 68.4

Scratch built Kolibri.
(There are more images of the Kolibri in the Photo Gallery.)

Construction details:
The Kolibri is constructed of mostly carbon and Reynolds Wrap (or mylar for the purists). If you have any experience working with carbon you should be able to put one together pretty quickly. You can get the details of how to build your own Kolibri at the E-zone site. I made my Kolibri pretty close to the instructions in the article. I did make one major change, I lengthened the fuselage and made the v-tails smaller, keeping the tail volume the same.

Here is a close up of the motor mount (made from lite ply) and servo mounts.

Here is a close up of the v-tail horns and push rods.

Flight characteristics:
The Kolibri is a pretty docile creature. The DC1717 with an Anything R/C ARC-1 prop and a 7-cell 50mAh NiCd battery pack has more then enough power to haul the Kolibri around. Flight times are around 3-4 minutes, and about double that if you use an 8-cell 120mAh NiMH pack. The Kolibri is a pretty stable plane and makes on okay trainer, but since it is such a stable flyer, do not expect to do any aerobatics.

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