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LeTTO (Less Than Two Ounces) is my first three channel controlled plane to weigh less then two ounces. Its ready to fly weight is 1.53oz (43.4g). Here is a summary of the specifics:

Plane characteristics   Radio and motor
Wing span: 51cm (20in)   Component Type Wt (g)
Wing cord: 13cm (5in) (constant)   Rx Garrett 4 ch 4.4
Wing loading: 6.7g/sq.dm (2.2oz/sq.ft)   Servos 2 @ WES LS-24 2x3.2
Fuse length: 32cm (12.5in)   ESC Bob Selman 1.6
Control: 3 channels (rudder, elevator, throttle)   Battery Pack 3-cell 50mAh NiCd 11.2
Materials: balsa and mylar   Propulsion KP00 and U-80 prop 6.0
Ready to fly weight: 43.4g (1.53oz)     Total wt 29.4

"LeTTO", 1.5 ounce plane with three channel control.
(There are more images of LeTTO in the Photo Gallery.)

Construction details:
LeTTO has a ribbed wing made of balsa and covered with mylar. The tails are also balsa covered with mylar. The fuselage is sheet balsa with a 5x5mm (3/16x3/16in) balsa tail boom. The control linkages are made from 0.7mm carbon rods, and it has no landing gear.

Flight characteristics:
I have taken LeTTO out a couple of times when there was little to no wind. It flies okay, on 3 cells LeTTO is a bit under powered with the KP00. Flight durations are 3-4 minutes.

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