Below are some questions I frequently get asked about my site with my answers to the questions.

Q How do I buy this stuff?
A Well, not from me. I do not sell any of the stuff shown at my site. My site is for informational purposes. If you are interested in buying the stuff I have at my site, check out my Links page, and/or my Suppliers page.

Q Wait, if you do not sell anything, what is the purpose of this web site?
A I put this web site together in hopes that it will benefit other modelers. When I started building/researching micro sized planes (back in 1996) it was pretty difficult to find much information and/or suppliers, so, as a service to the modeling community I put this site together to try to help others. Since than micro planes and park flyers have become increasingly popular and it has become much easier to find suppliers and information, but I still try to get as much of that information on my site about small RC planes as I can.

Q I think I may have visited your site at some time in the past, but your address does not look familiar, am I dreaming?
A Maybe not, this site has had a number of different addresses in the past that I have quit maintaining for one reason or another. This site has also appeared at,, and I currently only continue to maintain this site at and from time to time I update it at

Q Can I get plans for one of your planes?
A Yes, but if I have plans for the plane, there will be a link to it from the planes page, otherwise, I do not have a set of plans for the plane.

Q Can I put a link at my web site to your web site?
A Of course, but if you do please link to

Q Will you put a link to my page from your page?
A Maybe, I am a bit selective about what I put on my links page, but if you have a site you would like to see listed, send me an email with the site's URL.

Q Where do you find the time to fly planes and maintain this web site?
A I do not, which is why updates to this web site a few and far between?

Q Your site does not work for me, what's wrong?
A I test viewing my site with Mozilla, Netscape and m$ ie, I try to write my pages to follow open standards. If you have problems with my site, please send me an email with the problems you are experiencing, the browser, the browser's version and the operating system and I will try to figure out what is wrong.

Q Your site is pretty cool, do you do this for a living?
A No, I do not design web sites for a living, but I am pretty fluent in HTML and Javascript, so if you are building your own web site and need some help send me a message, and I might be able to help you out.

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