Welcome to my site of micro (µ is the metric systems symbol for micro) remote controlled (RC) and SlowFly RC planes. I hope by sharing my experiences I can help out other modelers and get new people interested in micro flight.

To the left is an index for my site. Here is a short summary of what you find by following the links:

Home   is this page.
What's New is a history of changes to these pages.
Gliders has details of some of my micro gliders.
Electrics features some micro electric powered planes.
Motors/Props has specifics on some micro flight propulsion systems.
Electric Ducted Fans shows some micro ducted fans.
Radio Gear has info about micro radio gear.
Batteries & Chargers lists some info about batteries and chargers.
Photo Gallery is a collection of images of my planes.
Comparison Tables has a number of tables comparing different micro RC components/equipment.
How To details some of the methods I use to make micro planes.
FAQs answers to questions I am frequently asked.
Suppliers is a list of suppliers of micro RC equipment.
Links links you to other RC and micro related sites.
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Site last updated: 4/4/2004

Note: To get the proper effect of this web site, I would recommend using a browser that supports tables. If your browser does not support tables some of these pages may appear slightly whacked! Send me email if you have problems with my site, uplanes@litke.info. Free browsers are available from Mozilla, Netscape and microsoft. I personally recommend Mozilla, since it is the most open standards compliant, and what could be cooler than a dinosaur mascot?
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