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M3 is a plane up put together in one day for an aerodynamics class I was teaching to high school students. I wanted to give them some hands experience, so in addition to having them build WhiteWings gliders, I put M3 together to let them all fly an RC plane. We flew M3 in the school's gymnasium, there were no thermals, so the flights were pretty short, but we launched M3 of the top of the bleachers so they got a 10-15 second flight each time, not much, but enough to give them some feel for how the controls work.

Plane characteristics   Radio
Wing span: 31in (79cm)   Component Type Wt (g)
Wing cord: 7.6cm (3in)(root)   Rx SkyHooks&Rigging 4 ch 2.7
Wing loading: 11.1g/sq.dm (3.6oz/sq.ft)   Servos 2 @ WES LS-24 2x2.9
Fuse length: 40.5cm (16in)   Battery Pack 4-cell 50mAh NiCd 14.8
Control: 2 channels (rudder, elevator)     Total wt 23.3
Materials: balsa, carbon  
Ready to fly weight: 63g (2.2oz)  

M3 micro glider.
(There are more images of M3 in the Photo Gallery.)

Construction details:
M3's wing and tail are constructed very similar to M1 and M2, balsa sheeting and the wing is ribbed. The fuselage is a carbon rod, and besides the radio gear that is about all there is to it. As I mentioned above, I made this plane so high school kids could fly. I figured it would take a bit of a beating, so I made the tail out of 3/32" balsa sheeting. It is overly built and also help cause the plane to be quite tail heavy. The plane with gear actually ended up being about 48g, and I had to add about 15g to the nose of the plane to get the center of gravity right. Most of time if a plane I am building needs in weight increase of over 33% to get the center of gravity in the right spot I start over or rebuild something but, I was in a bit of a time crunch (I needed the plane for the next days class) so I left it as is and added the extra weight. The glide characteristics would be much better if I rebuilt the plane better balanced without the extra weight.

Flight characteristics:
The plane flies pretty well and can take a pretty good beating. I helped about ten high schools kids learn to fly it in a school gymnasium and it bounced off the walls more than once and took quite a few "hard" landings and kept on ticking with only a minor repair or two.

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