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DAdams is very similar to gliders that are classified as Mosquito Class Hand Launch Glider (MHLG). DAdams has a 77.5cm (30.5in) wingspan (MHLG have a wingspan of 29.5in) and ready to fly weight is 100g (3.5oz). The radio gear I put in it is two 9g Cirrus CS-20BB servos, FMA's Micro 2000 Rx and a 110mAh FMA battery pack. I have gear that is lighter, but I mainly put this plane together to use this gear. I am currently not using this gear in any of my planes so I wanted to build a small plane I could keep in my car and fly at lunch or whenever the urge hit me. This plane fits easily in the trunk of my car, which will probably be its home. Here is a summary of the specifics:

Plane characteristics   Radio
Wing span: 30.5in (77cm)   Component Type Wt (g)
Wing cord: 14cm (5.5in)(root)   Rx FMA Micro 2000 22.1
Wing loading: 9.8g/sq.dm (3.2 oz/sq.ft)   Servos 2 @ Cirrus CS-20BB 2x9.0
Fuse length: 58cm (23in)   Battery Pack 4-cell 110mAh NiCd 27.9
Control: 2 channels (v-tail mixing)     Total wt 68.0
Materials: balsa, carbon, tissue, Reynolds Wrap  
Ready to fly weight: 100.0g (3.5oz)  

DAdams, mosquito class hand launched glider.
(There are more images of DAdams in the Photo Gallery.)

Construction details:
The wing is a built up design covered with tissue and has modified SD6060 airfoil. It has a V-tail, which is also built up, but I covered it with blue Reynolds plastic wrap. The fuselage is a sheet balsa pod with a carbon tube tail boom. For the control linkages I used 0.7mm (9/32in) carbon rods.

A number of people have asked me about getting the plans for DAdams. I do not have CAD plans, but I do have some images I used to make the plan, here are images with the fuselage plan and the wing plan.

A couple of close ups of DAdams fuselage.

A close up of DAdams tail.

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